Educational Pathway

What were you doing before you came to building science at UofT?

I was a Msc student at Tongji University, China.

How did building science courses prepare you for your career path and aspirations?

I had a background in HVAC and mechanical engineering. Building science courses at UofT were a great supplement. In particular, I learned more about building materials and indoor chemistry, which lead me to the current role as a postdoc.

What advice would you give to new building science students?

Don’t limit yourself to only focusing on building science! UofT offers a variety of fascinating research talks and collaboration opportunities across different disciplines.

What core building science courses have you taken?

CIV576 Sustainable Buildings;CIV578 Design of Building Enclosures; CIV 1320 Indoor Air Quality (Now Indoor Air Quality: Transport and Control);

What was your favourite non-building science course that you took and why was it your favourite?

PSY5220H Advanced Topics in Cognition I: Population and Cognitive Neuroscience. My research was on the potential cognitive impact of IAQ. I was allowed to enrol in this course from the Department of Psychology to gain knowledge about how we measure cognitive performance.